Living Proof Simulcast

A global Bible-teaching event with Beth Moore
September 16, 2017

Bring Beth Moore to your church or community!
September 16, 2017

Join women from around the world for this inspiring one-day event with Beth Moore!

You're invited to be part of this global, one-day simulcast that will encourage you to dive deeper into the Word of God. Beth follows the leading of the Holy Spirit to prepare a specific message for each of her events, and the simulcast is no exception. Don't miss out on this special event!

Event Description

Let Beth Moore teach the Word of God at YOUR church, along with a hundred thousand other women around the globe!

When you register for the simulcast you will have access to:
  • Three teaching sessions featuring Beth Moore and worship with Travis Cottrell and the Living Proof Live praise team
  • A personal simulcast specialist to help answer questions and give support throughout the planning process
  • An exclusive host-only website that provides helpful promotional and planning tools
  • LifeWay's technical support team before, during, and after the event
  • On-demand access for up to 30 days AFTER the live event
  • Built in DVR option to allow access in any time zone
  • Closed-captioning, American Sign Language, and Spanish feeds available at no additional cost
  • Optional opportunities for selling t-shirts and LifeWay products at your event
  • 100 free keepsake programs for church tiers located in the U.S. & Canada (additional quantities available for purchase)

"We enjoyed every aspect of the live simulcast! We really had fun planning, preparing, praying and serving the ladies in our community through the event."

2015 Living Proof Simulcast Host
Jennifer Thompson
First Baptist Church
Rogers, TX

"It was exciting to look out at the women and realize I knew less than half of them! By the end of the day there were no strangers. Each woman I have spoken with had a personal incredible experience leaving there refreshed, renewed and "Audacious."

2015 Living Proof Simulcast Host
Karin Darcy
Church of Emmanuel
Foxboro, MA

"This is our third time hosting the Living Proof Live simulcast. As always, it was a wonderful combination of exhortation from Beth Moore and fellowship with other believing women in our community and beyond!"

Camille McDade
First Baptist Church
Sandersville, GA

"The whole experience has been wonderful, from the basic information on the website, to the online Hostcasts, to the technical support the day of the event. We felt very protected with this support as newbies!"

2015 Living Proof Simulcast Host
Hilary Marstella
High Street Church of the Nazarene
Springfield, OH

"It was such a blessing to be able to host the Simulcast. I really feel like the women connected, worshiped and grew in Jesus. I deeply appreciated Beth teaching the importance of KNOWING God's Word so that we can fight our spiritual battle with boldness!"

2015 Living Proof Simulcast Host
Judi Knudsen
The River
Marion, IN

Why Simulcast?

  • Impact the women in your church and community for Christ
  • Affordable way to have a custom women's event at your church
  • Experience the excitement of a global event without leaving your hometown
  • Invite women to your church to kick-off your fall bible study season

What You Need?

  • A computer and internet connection.
  • 1 Meg of continuous download capability for standard definition (DSL connection).
  • 3 Megs of continuous download capability for High Definition (cable modem or broadband).

Want to talk to someone about hosting an event?

If you are interested in hosting a simulcast and would like to talk to a simulcast specialist, please fill out this quick form and someone will contact you.

Host An Event

Early bird rates limited to the first 100 churches.

Large Church
$800 Early Bird
$1,000 Regular

Does your weekly church attendance average more than 250? This tier is for you! With this tier, you'll get:

  • Access to the simulcast feed
  • Exclusive website to help with planning and promotion
  • 100 free keepsake programs (for hosts in the U.S. & Canada)
  • Unlimited number of participants
Large Church Registration

Small Church
$600 Early Bird
$750 Regular

Does your weekly church attendance average less than 250? This tier is for you! With this tier, you'll get:

  • Access to the simulcast feed
  • Exclusive website to help with planning and promotion
  • 100 free keepsake programs (for hosts in the U.S. & Canada)
  • 250 participants
Small Church Registration

Small Group
$20 (Per Individual)

If you are expecting a group of 2-40 women, this tier is for you! Purchase individual simulcast registrations for each woman attending. With this tier, you'll get:

  • Access to the simulcast feed
  • Free downloadable program
  • Exclusive website to help with planning and promotion
Small Group Registration


Are you planning to watch by yourself? This tier is for you! With this tier, you'll get:

  • Access to the simulcast feed
  • Free downloadable program
Individual Registration

Find Nearest Event

Want to join a location hosting near you? Click on the map to find a location and contact the church for schedule and pricing information

Schedule on 9/16/2017

9:30 a.m. - Event Begins

10:00 a.m. - Session One

11:30 a.m. - Lunch Break

1:00 p.m. - Worship

1:30 p.m. - Session Two

3:00 p.m. - Invitation/Break

3:30 p.m. - Worship

3:40 p.m. - Session Three

4:10 p.m. - Closing Worship

4:15 p.m. - Event Concludes

(All times Eastern Time)

If you are viewing in another time zone, you can use the DVR or On-Demand option to begin your event whenever you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Living Proof Live?
Living Proof Live is a fun-filled Bible study, teaching, and worship experience to enrich your mind, soul, and spirit! Bible teacher Beth Moore brings a fresh Word from God to each Living Proof Live event - no two are the same. As she explores the Bible and how it applies to real life, you will be encouraged by her own experiences as a believer, and you will be inspired to magnify and strengthen your own relationship with God.
What is a simulcast or streaming event?
A simulcast or streaming event is an event that is broadcast simultaneously to various locations through the internet. We will stream the Living Proof event using HD internet technology. The event will be broadcast worldwide, live from Chicago, IL.
Where do I go after registration?
After you register for the simulcast, you can use your email address and password you used during registration to log-in to This is where you will find all of the helpful tools LifeWay provides to simulcast hosts to plan and promote their simulcast events. It is also where you will view the event itself!
If we have a conflict on the day of the simulcast, can we still participate?
Yes! All participants have access to the simulcast for up to 30 days after the live event occurs. You can choose to host the event on an alternate date within the 30 day time frame. The simulcast will not be available after October 17, 2016. Please note that technical support may not be available during your delayed simulcast. Support hours are Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 6:00pm CT.
What is the cost for hosting the simulcast?
Visit to see our pricing structure. If you are a small group, you will need to purchase multiple individual simulcasts. If you are a church, you will need to purchase based on your church's active membership. Church tiers can have an unlimited number of participants by purchasing a Small or Large church license.
Will there be live music during the event?
Yes, Travis Cottrell and the Praise Team will lead worship. Lyrics will be projected on the screen in order for everyone to join in worship.
What is the schedule for the event?
The schedule for the simulcast is listed at If you need to start your event at a time that is more reasonable for your time zone, you can pause and rewind the simulcast once it is started. It works similiar to DVR technology. Multiple opportunities are given to practice using the DVR; such as during the monthly Hostcasts and Mandatory Testing time.
We live in another timezone; do we have to start our event at the same time as it occurs?
No! We utilize DVR technology that allows you to join us at a time more convenient for you. You'll be able to join us and rewind the feed back to the beginning when you are ready to begin your event.
What is the topic of study?
We do not know in advance what the topic is for this event, but the content will be a unique message for simulcast participants. If topic information is given beforehand, we will inform simulcast hosts.
Is the Living Proof Simulcast refundable & transferable?
The Living Proof Simulcast is non-refundable. You may not transfer the cost of your simulcast to another simulcast provided by LifeWay.
How do I test my internet connection before I register?
LifeWay Christian Resources has provided a link for your church to test your internet capability. You may conduct this test located at Look for the "What You Need" section and click on the "Test Your Connection" button to begin. For your convenience, we have also scheduled weekly tests that you will have access to on the host website after registration.
Will closed captioning, American sign language and Spanish interpretation be available during the simulcast?
Yes. Information about how to utilize these features can be found on the host website.
Will I receive programs with my order?
Yes. All hosts will receive a downloadable file of the program. In addition to the downloadable file, Small & Large Church hosts will also receive 100 printed programs with their registration. The program is not an outline of the content covered during the simulcast, but rather a place for participants to take notes. Only churches in the U.S. & Canada will receive printed programs and can order additional quantities on the host website. All other international hosts will receive a free pdf download on the host site.
What help can I expect from LifeWay?
Each church will gain access to our host website that contains many planning and promotional tools to help host a successful simulcast! You'll have access to our Host Coordinator Facebook page where you'll be able to interact with others hosting the event and swap ideas! You'll also have your own Regional Simulcast Specialist who can help you along the way! In addition, you can also choose to be listed on our simulcast map so others in your area will know you are hosting!
Will host churches be required to set their own ticket prices?
Host Churches may choose if they want to sell tickets or offer their simulcast for free or a minimal price. Host churches have the freedom to determine their event ticket price. We do suggest no churches charge more than $30 admission (including lunch.) We encourage host churches to notify other area churches and let them know your church will be hosting the simulcast event. Invite them to join your church in providing this event to your community. If multiple churches in your area are registered to host, work with the Women's Ministry Leaders to determine a set price for all events so that you are not competing with one another.
Where will I get technical support before and during the streaming event?
Hosts receive ongoing support via the Digital Pass Support phone number. Additional information about support on event day will be given to hosts after registration.
Digital Pass Support Phone Number : 1.866.713.3512
Digital Pass Support E-mail Address:
International hosts have access to Technical Support during normal Customer Support hours which are Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 6:00pm CT.
Will LifeWay provide downloads of the event?
Per our Terms & Conditions, we will not send DVDs, flashdrives, or downloadable files to any of our locations. All hosts must be able to stream the event through the Internet.
Will an offering be taken during the event?
Yes, there will be a giving opportunity during the simulcast to support Compassion International and/or Samaritan's Purse. We will post more information about the giving opportunity on the host website.
Can I pay for the simulcast on my church account?
Yes! You will be required to log-in to a pre-existing account or create an account in order to purchase the simulcast. Log-in with your LifeWay Church Account email address and select your church account when selecting your payment method.
What is a LifeWay church account? Can my church sign up?
LifeWay offers billing accounts with 30 day payment terms upon credit approval, for churches and organizations who purchase products or services from any of our sales channels. Having a LifeWay account enables you to:
• apply tax exemption to your order, if applicable for your church and in accordance with your state tax exemption laws
• view your church or organization's invoices and purchase history
If you would like to set up a LifeWay account, call 1-800-458-2772.
My church is tax exempt. How do I make sure we are not charged sales tax?
To avoid Sales Tax, we must have your State Sales Tax I.D. Exempt Certificate on file. Your Tax I.D. number is attached to your LifeWay 10- digit account number. If you have an established LifeWay 10-digit account number and need to verify that we have your State Tax I.D. number on file, please email or call him at 615-251-2832. If your Tax I.D. number is not on file, you may email it to or fax it to 615-251-3773.
How do I put in tax exemption information when I place an order over the internet?
Your State Sales Tax I.D. Number is attached to your LifeWay 10-digit account number. You will need a PIN so that others do not have access to your account. To sign-up for a PIN number, please visit You can still use credit cards or debit cards along with your LifeWay 10-digit account number. Please make sure your tax exemption is on file with LifeWay.
Why does my sales tax say "estimated"?
Order totals listed on your screen reflect estimated sales tax. The actual charge to your credit card will reflect the applicable state and local sales taxes and will be calculated at the time your order is invoiced. Your actual tax total will include the correct local sales tax (if applicable) and will be reflected on your invoice. If you have any questions about the tax rate on your receipt, you can contact our Tax Office at: 615-251-2832 or feel free to fax the information to: 615-251-3773.


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Living Proof Live Simulcast 2012 - Host Site Registration

Inspire women in your church by hosting your own Living Proof live event through the power of LifeWay simulcasts.

Author: LifeWay Women

Posted: July 10, 2012

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