Video-Driven Bible Study

Fuel uses three series of thought-provoking, high-energy videos to draw students into the Bible and live out their faith.

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Fuel Foundations

Fuel Foundations for Middle School is a video-driven Bible study for middle school students that lays a foundation for encountering God in His Word through the great stories of the Bible, told in chronological order. Teaching plans are targeted for middle school students with bonus plans suitable for grades 7-12.  Supports the KNOW portion of the LifeWay strategy for student development.   VIEW MORE


FUEL2: Owning Your Faith guides youth through a systematic study of the key doctrines of the faith. FUEL2 asks 96 questions from the nature of God to the doctrine of end times. The studies can be taught in a variety of settings to a wide range of students: Sunday School, Wednesday Bible study, discipleship groups, student retreats, and other Bible study settings. Supports the OWN portion of the LifeWay strategy for student development.  

Fuel ignited

Fuel Ignited: Living Your Faith will lead students in living out their faith and becoming leaders in every sense of the word. Leadership is expressed through relationships and influence, and students will discover how God has called and gifted them to live.  Supports the KNOWN portion of the LifeWay strategy for student development. 

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Is your group still using Fuel: Igniting New Life With God's Story?

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Fuel Foundations Combustion

Fuel Foundations Spark

FUEL Combustion

FUEL Spark

FUEL2 Spark

FUEL2 Combustion

Fuel Ignited

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