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Brought to you by the creators of Fireproof and Facing the Giants, Courageous is a story of four everyday heroes who make a difference on the street but who struggle to serve and protect their loved ones at home. As the police officers discover they are missing the mark and their families are drifting apart, will they look to God to rediscover their purpose and find the strength to lead once again? Or will life's hardships tempt them to choose the easy way out?

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After the Movie...

Honor Begins at Home Courageous LifeWay Films

Honor Begins at Home

This 8-session study will take individuals and small groups deeper into biblical truths for a godly family, exploring topics such as redeeming your history, walking with integrity, winning and blessing the hearts of your children, and more.  Every session involves watching a clip from the movie Courageous to help group members engage in discussion. And daily readings from "The Resolution for Men" and "The Resolution for Women" will help you connect with God and His best plan for your family.

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All of LifeWay's Courageous movie resources can help your church start Bible studies and sermon series. Use our customizable Courageous products to announce these and other opportunities. We offer banners, postcards, posters, and more, all customized with your church's information. Mailing lists and mail services can save your church staff time as you make Courageous part of your ministry strategy to reach families. Find out more now!

How to Host a Movie Night:

  • Reach unchurched families in your community
  • Enhance ministry programs for every age group
  • Encourage city leaders and first responders
  • Discover teachable moments and tools for family Bible study
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How to Get Started

  1. Set goals and pick a supporting movie.
  2. Get the Site License.
  3. Spread the word.
  4. Get ready.
  5. Follow up.

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What is a Site License?

When you buy a movie, you are entitled to use it for personal purposes, but it is illegal to share it publicly or with a large group of people without proper permission. That's where a Site License comes in. When you purchase a Site License for a movie, it allows your church to show that movie to your congregation legally. Site Licenses provided by LifeWay Films are good for up to a year, meaning you can show the movie as many times as you like. A Site License corresponds to a specific movie and is typically priced according to the size of the church.  Read more...

This license is only available from LifeWay in the United States and Canada. Any other use in any other territory is strictly prohibited.

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