Kids Need Transformation, Not Information

Jan28Jana_newThe current era we live in is sometimes called the “information age” or “generation on.” Whatever name you want to place on it, we can all agree that the kids we are bringing up have access to most any information at their little finger tips. They have never known a day that was not “on” — meaning, they can’t remember the days where there were no personal computers or smart phones, and so on. They’ve always known “on.”

As a parent of 3 children and as a KidMin leader, I wrestle with the thought of kids having too much access to information — good information, neutral information, and bad or even toxic information. The truth is, I want my kids to learn at school. I want them to know about history and current events, culture, and the world around them. I even want them to know trivial things like whose playing in the Super Bowl this year or what March Madness is all about, how to set the table properly and address an envelope correctly. I certainly want to teach them to act nicely and be well-spoken. But, the truth is, information cannot transform their hearts. No matter how many good morals I teach them and manners I model for them, I can only modify their behavior.

God is the only one who can transform hearts and He does it through His Word. That’s why I am so excited about Explore the Bible: Kids curriculum being available to partner with parents and ministry leaders all around the world to help kids know their maker; because to know Him is to know His Word. This dynamic new curriculum will help kids want to dig deep into the scriptures while understanding the context of what the text is teaching them. Book-by-book and verse-by-verse, Explore the Bible: Kids will lead kids into a greater understanding of this love letter to them — God’s Word, his special revelation of Himself to all of us, even the youngest of these.

Do you want to help your kids dig deep? Do you want to see life transformation in the hearts of the children you lead? Check out Explore the Bible’s Free one-month Preview and join us on this journey!

Jana Magruder serves as the Director of Kids Ministry Publishing. Jana, her husband, and their three kids moved to Nashville from Austin, Texas where she served as the director of children’s ministry at the west campus of Austin Stone Community Church. Jana brings a wealth of experience and passion for kids, kids ministry, and the local church.