Make Your Mid-Week a Zip!

ZipJana_newWe are thrilled about the brand new curriculum — Zip for Kids! It will help you reach kids in your own Zip Code. We’ve been telling you all about Zip for months and now it’s available on!

There are endless ways to use Zip for Kids. One of my favorite ideas is the thought of using it as a mid-week program for kids and preschoolers. Depending on the season, you can use the Zip outdoor tracks during warmer months for soccer, messy games, and outdoor games. In the colder and wetter months, use our indoor tracks such as duct-tape art, drama, and discovery lab. You can see samples and how-to videos on our tracks at If you’ve missed all the buzz about Zip, check it out and even sign-up for a free preview at

The best part of Zip for Kids is that it’s a ready-to-go program with everything you need for Bible content, music, video, and activity tracks! You get to choose how to make it work for your kids and your time with them.

At its very core, Zip for Kids is meant to reach out to your community — both your church community and kids who need to hear the gospel in your community. With Zip as a mid-week program, everyone will be lining up for the fun, for the friends, and for the feeling of belonging to a church community that loves them and wants them to know Jesus.

Are you reaching the kids in your Zip Code? Zip for Kids has a plan for you that works for mid-week programming, summer camps, parents night out and more.

Jana Magruder Jana serves as the Director of Kids Ministry Publishing. Jana, her husband, and their three kids moved to Nashville from Austin, Texas where she served as the director of children’s ministry at the west campus of Austin Stone Community Church. Jana brings a wealth of experience and passion for kids, kids ministry, and the local church.

  • beau bredow

    For the past 3 summers we have done Mega Sports Camp. This year we would like to expand our week long camp to more than sports. Who would I call to see if Zip It would work for us and what we want to do?

    • Lindsay Curtis

      Hi Beau,

      Zip for Kids would be a great option for your camp! You can contact me directly at with any questions you have. Also, you can sign up for a free preview at

      Lindsay Curtis