Is your church too busy over the holidays to proclaim the gospel?

Nov-25JeffreyBased on my experiences as a worship leader, children’s pastor, and senior pastor (yes, I’ve worn many hats in ministry), and dad, I’ve seen a pattern in church leaders to put so much effort into presenting a seasonal message, that they forget that they are the message. Here are a few questions to help you prioritize as Thanksgiving and the Christmas season are now upon us.

  • Am I modeling the idea that faith begins at home and with the family, especially over the holidays?
  • Am I being enthusiastic at developing relationships with the unchurched people that live in our midst?
  • Do I spend as much time developing the week-to-week ministries of my church so that, when guests return to visit after an “outreach” event, they don’t experience a let-down.
  • Are the holidays a great time to invite families into the normal ebb and flow of your church’s life? Or do you really want them to wait until things get “back to normal?”
  • Do you, as a member of a church staff, look forward to Christmas?

Last question: For Christmas, is the effort of the church to proclaim the Nativity story interfering with the church’s ability to proclaim the gospel story through its families?

Let me clarify that last question by making a blank statement. “Jesus is the reason for the season, but the season without the cross is a loss.” I’d love to hear how your ministry proclaims Christ during this significant time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving!