KMC – Day Three


day-threeCristy2“I can’t imagine having a love for church and not having a love for kids ministry.” Eric Geiger, vice-president of the Church Resources Division of LifeWay Christian Resources, brought this word on our third afternoon of KMC.

Want to know the high points of the message God gave him?

Three aspects of healthy kids ministry are:

  • Kingdom Expanding, not merely church expanding
  • Character Transforming, not character forming
  • Culture Shaping, not shaped by culture

Eric also told us a story about his little girl Eden, who wanted a sticker chart to hang on the fridge. She was so excited about doing good things to earn stickers, and she would eventually earn a new doll once the sticker chart was full. Eric became concerned that his precious little girl was becoming wrapped up in doing good things, and he didn’t want this to transcend into her spiritual life.

In order to teach sweet Eden about grace, one night he took the sticker chart down from the refrigerator and filled in every vacant space with stickers. Eden came downstairs the next morning to a full sticker chart, which meant she could get her doll. Full of excitement and wonder, Eden listened as Eric explained that this is what Jesus does for us.

eric (1)

As I type up summaries of each general session, I don’t want you to only see three bullet points and a cute story. I want you to let the words settle into your soul. We have to constantly teach grace and redemption to the kids we’re working with. Let these words be a challenge.

How do you teach your kids about grace?

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