10 Mistakes Kids Ministers Make

vogelIf there is a mistake to be made in Kids Ministry, I have made them all! Fortunately, our God is a God of second chances and He allows “do overs!” Below is a list of mistakes that God would warn us against if we are going to let Him love through us in ministry:

  • Neglect personal Bible study and quiet times with God– Remember the expression “garbage in — garbage out?” Only if we are meeting with God on a regular basis will His love shine through us.


  • Lead without vision — The Bible says that “without a vision the people perish.” Your leaders need to know the vision that God has given you for the future of His Kids Ministry in your church.
  • Forget that you are a coach for those you lead — The five keys to develop winners: 1. Tell them what to do; 2. Show them what to do; 3. Let them try; 4. Observe their performance; 5. Praise their progress or redirect.
  • Think things will always stay the same and never change — Just about the only constant in our culture today is change. Explain to your leaders why a change is needed and how it will benefit them.
  • Underestimate the importance of affirmation — Make those calls! Write those notes! Send those emails! Give those gifts! Leaders need to be “loved on” and “encouraged.”
  • Stop learning and refuse to grow –“You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather is!” (Old Irish Proverb) “When you are through changing, you’re through!” (Bruce Barton as quoted by John Maxwell.
  • Forget the power of prayer — Prayer changes things. Pray for your leaders by name and you will begin to see them through the eyes of Jesus.
  • Forget that you are called — The Lord doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.
  • Get caught up in the “a-cute” crisis — Never choose curriculum or plan events just because they look “cute.” Make sure they match your vision for Kids Ministry and can potentially have an eternal effect.
  • Forget what the Bible teaches about leadership — True leadership  starts on the inside with a servant heart, then moves outward to serve others.