Fall Festival Follow Up

The popcorn is swept away, the games packed up, the face paint all washed away, and everyone is excited that Fall Festival was a great success. You look at the cards gathered from visiting families and wonder, “What do I do with these?”

Many families may attend your Fall Festival who are not members of your church. Here’s several ways to express your appreciation to the families:

1. Mail each family a personal, hand-written note.
2. Call each family and express your appreciation, invite the families to visit your church again. Share information about your church’s ministries or answer questions the families may have about your church.
3. Assign each family to an adult Sunday School department to follow up.
4. Assign each family to a children’s Sunday School department to follow up (assign the families based on the ages of the children).
5. Have a “Post Fall Festival Party,” inviting teachers to personally visit each of the families.
6. Enroll each family as prospects in your church’s Sunday School ministry.

Fall Festival is a great way to discover prospects for your church, but discovering prospects does your church no good if you do not reach out to them. Have an other follow-up idea? Let me hear what your church does.

  • These are all great ideas. It’s easy but time consuming. YA JUST GOTTA DO IT! 🙂 This year, we’re hitting it while the iron’s hot and having an outreach night the day after Fall Festival and another day the following week.