This Is Now: A Girl to Girl Devotional for Teens

Hummel, Patti M. (Compiled by)


Finally: Someone Who Gets It
Adults may mean well, but do they really "get" everything you re facing as a teenager? The pressure to drink and party, cheat on that test, or give in to that guy? How about the devastation of losing a friend, parents divorcing, or low self-esteem? Who can better relate than your peers? "This Is Now" is a devotional written by your peers across the country who face the exact same things you do. God wants you to find encouragement and support through one another that they might be called trees of righteousness (Isaiah 61:3, KJV). Brief entrees and rich Scripture verses are packed with hope and wisdom to guide you through these challenging years.
This Is Life the Real Deal
Nobody said these years would be easy. Or maybe someone did but it was probably an adult who doesn t "get" it. Now, in this 365-day devotional, teens just like you come together from around the world to offer guidance through your toughest questions and situations. The entries are genuine solidly built on the Word of God.
Why do we look at the girl next to us and wish we had her hair, nose, or thighs? Did God make a mistake when He made you or me? No way We are expressions of His ingeniously creative mind.
When I got older; I wasn t so sure of myself anymore. I wanted to grow up, have a career, get married but I still wanted to climb trees, run, and play.
Satan tells me things like, 'You don t look pretty' or 'Your friends don t really care about you.' I think these are lies that most girls face. So what do we do with them?
This wasn t the first time I had vomited a meal. It was just that, well, I ate too much. I wanted to take it back. I didn t think I was fat; I just wanted to be thinner than I was.
Story Behind the Book
The teen years make up one of the most challenging and exciting time periods in anyone s life. Teens are faced with temptations most adults either don t understand or have forgotten about. For the one committed to Christ, pressures are even greater. They look for encouragement, support, and belonging from their peers. Sadly, much of what is found is divisive and destructive. So I figured: If teens are intent on learning from their peers, why not give them incredible peer role models? A book written by teens for teens in devotional format will be an exciting tool for spurring spiritual growth among teens
Patti M. Hummel"

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