Creation Unraveled: The Gospel According to Genesis - Complete Study Bundle

Carter, Matt (Author)

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In the beginning seems like so long ago. It's all too common for the stories we read in Genesis to feel archaic, not to mention over-familiarized. Many of us have never sought to dig deeply into the accounts of Genesis—such stories as creation, the fall, and the flood—because we feel like we know them inside and out. But the Bible isn't a collection of stories. The Bible is one story of everything God did to get us back to Himself after sin infiltrated a good world and caused the unraveling of creation.

In the first of a two-part study on the Book of Genesis, authors Matt Carter and Halim Suh examine Genesis 1–11 and what it reveals about God's creation of a good world, the corruption of that world and humanity's separation from God, and God's initial steps to reunite us with Him. Within the pages of Genesis lies the foundation for the gospel of Jesus Christ, our redemption from a sin-ravaged world. Genesis may be old, but it's not outdated. The truths in the book are as relevant today as they were in the beginning.

Included in the bundle:

Leader Guide (7 sessions; PDF)

  • 7 teaching videos (Windows Media and iTunes) from Creation Unraveled authors Matt Carter and Halim Suh including:
    • Session 1: In the Beginning was Jesus (03:33)
    • Session 2: The Bigness and Nearness of God (04:43)
    • Session 3: The Goodness of Sin vs. the Goodness of God (05:38)
    • Session 4: The Blood by Sin vs. the Blood for Sin (04:36)
    • Session 5: The Sin of Man and the Tears of God (04:58)
    • Session 6: Building Towers of Disappointment (05:22)
    • Session 7: One Way Back to God (05:09)
  • Creation Unraveled promotional video (01:04)
  • 3 supplemental biblical articles (PDFs)
  • Tips on facilitating an effective Bible study group (PDF)


Creation Unraveled: The Gospel According to Genesis - Complete Study Bundle

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