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The Journey One-year Plan

There's a disciple-maker inside every Christian.

When a baby is born, people immediately spring into action to clean, check, bathe, and warm the infant. All this is done in order to ensure that this new creation is well on his or her way to a life of growth, health, and maturity.

But when someone is born into Christ, we usually just congratulate them and send them into the world. As a result, churches are full of baby Christians who never fully developed spiritually, even if they were born decades earlier.

Disciple's Path: The Journey (available in November 2016) provides an intentional one-year mission toward maturity in Christ. It's a purposeful process covering four volumes, 13 sessions each. The Journey was created to nurture believers into disciples who make disciples.

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Short-term Studies

If a one-year commitment is not feasible for you or your group, it is possible to cover much of the Disciples Path content through a series of six short-term studies. Each of these is just five or six sessions and can be completed on your own timeline.

Also Available

Disciples Path for Students

Disciples Path resources for students follow a similar framework as the adult short-term studies, providing an age-appropriate intentional plan of discipleship for middle and high school students.

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TeamKID: Catching Air (Kids)

Designed as a next step in learning following a new Christian class or for any kid wanting to learn more about Jesus. Developed to complement the adult Disciples Path short-term studies.

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