Sunday school checklist for March, April, and May

by LifeWay Sunday School

With the celebration of our Lord's resurrection and Sunday school attendance typically on the upswing, vital preparation steps are needed now. Here's a springtime checklist to get you started.

March: A month of rebirth

Planning and promotion

Are classes and departments ready for Easter? Take a close look at your preschool ministry. Your guests will!

Are preschool and children's classes staffed with enough extra volunteers for anticipated guests? Are you prepared for the expanded number of preschoolers, many of whom will have their first experience in church?

Is the baby area prepared for more than the normal number of bed babies?

Will you have a good ratio of leaders to preschoolers in all areas?

Encourage ministry leaders to promote any special Easter events to inactive members, and thus open the door for many to return to church.

Promote the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions through Sunday school classes.

Vacation Bible School is fast approaching. Have you enlisted all the leaders you need? Are your leaders scheduled to attend VBS training? Are planning teams on track for the start of VBS?

Conduct your Sunday school planning team meeting

Enlist leaders to attend summer national Sunday school leader training events.

Celebrate the conclusion of any enrollment and high-attendance emphasis.

Through special recognition, celebrate those classes and leaders who achieved their goals.


Provide a refresher course for preschool leaders on preschool policies and procedures. Many people will be coming to your church for Easter service. The preschool area needs to be a safe and secure environment for their children.

Complete the Sunday school literature order for June, July, and August.

Preview new Sunday school resources for teachers.


Daylight Savings Time provides an extra hour of light in the evening. In most communities, churches spring forward an hour during a Sunday this month. This is a great time to emphasize spreading the light through outreach.

Are you prepared for prospects who will attend special Easter events? Review how you plan to handle the influx of visitors.

Will you have any special information available for Sunday school members or outreach teams to hand out during the week or during visits? Stress the importance of contacting prospects found during Easter events while prospects are still open and seeking.

Begin looking for summer mission opportunities for the church, as well as local opportunities for Sunday school classes. Would an unreached area of your community benefit by an off-site open Bible study group?

April: A month of reevaluation

Seasonal opportunites

Are you on track to start the new units you had planned to begin this quarter? Spring is a great month for Sunday school classes to give birth to new units. Starting new units can generate rebirth in your Sunday school ministry.

Evaluate goals set for the winter and spring quarters. What is the status of the ministry?

Prepare for the fall by doing a Sunday school evaluation.

Planning and promotion

Evaluate progress on the VBS planning schedule. Through Sunday school announcements, begin to publicize any unusual craft or supply needs.

Conduct your Sunday school planning team meeting.

Enlist key leaders to participate in a Sunday school planning retreat. Use the evaluation tools to help in planning your retreat agenda and for setting future planning.


Obtain transportation to national Sunday school leader training events.

May: A month of regeneration

Seasonal opportunities

During May and June many churches recognize high school graduates. Acknowledge the spiritual significance of this transition in life.

Memorial Day is a great time to recognize those who have served our country so we can worship freely.

The time between Mother's Day and Father's Day is a great time to emphasize families. With the closing of school for the summer, graduations, and summer planning, the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the family in ministry is greater than ever.

Planning and promotion

Conduct your Sunday school planning team meeting.

Finalize plans for your annual Sunday school planning retreat.

Begin pre-registration for Vacation Bible School.


Distribute Sunday school curriculum materials for the June, July, and August (summer) quarter.

Finazlize details for any special services your church may have for college and high school graduates, as well as for Mother's Day.

Begin work on next year's Sunday school budget.


Plan now for opportunities available during the summer to locate new prospects: VBS, Bible Clubs, community mission opportunities, youth door-to-door survey teams, and follow-up on new-mover listings. Plan now to keep the strategy in your summer.

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