Starting a Children's Bible Drill

by Mikey Oldham

Children's Bible Drill is an excellent program for giving children opportunities to practice using their Bibles. Here are the steps to help you get started.

1. Obtain state instructions. Contact your state discipleship office for special instructions on how to conduct Children's Bible Drill in your state including what Bible translations will be accepted at the state drill. Also, ask for the dates of the state and associational drills. Locate your State Convention Office.

2. Schedule the church Drill date. Schedule the date for your church drill. Usually the church drill occurs approximately two weeks before the associational drill. Include the date on the church calendar.

3. Schedule your meetings. Some churches begin six months before their church drill. Some begin three months before the drill. Others begin with the new church year in September.

Reserve times and places on the church calendar. Possible times to meet include the hour during children's discipleship, after school, Saturday morning, or Wednesday night.

Choose a time that will allow the most children to participate. Include any special meetings such as parent orientation and parties.

The best place to hold Children's Bible Drill is in a children's room although an adult room will work. You will need a cabinet to store teaching materials and supplies.

4. Promote the Drill. Advertise when Children's Bible Drill will begin. Along with articles in your church newsletter, letters to the parents of fourth, fifth, and sixth graders, and announcements in the children's Sunday school classes, you might lead some children from last year's drill in a demonistration drill during worship.

5. Gather supplies and resources. Supplies you will need include masking tape, markers, and pencils. Visit the Online Catalog and search for "Bible Drill" for a list of Bibles, leader resources, and verse cards.

6. Orientation meeting. Hold an orientation meeting for drillers and their parents. Here are some suggestions for that meeting. If you are using the Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills materials, an Introductory Meeting for parents is included in the Leader Guide.

7. Explain the purpose of Children's Bible Drill. Explain the four drills. See the section names "What Are the Four Kinds of Calls?" in the free Leaders' and Judges' Guide.

Give each child a Verse Card for the cycle and translation you will be using.

Discuss how important the role is that parents play. Children will need parents to help them learn the Bible verses, Key Passages, and the books of the Bible.

Discuss financial needs. Some churches ask parents to help purchase Bibles and resources. If overnight travel is involved in attending the state drill, talk about plans and costs.

T-shirts are an ideal way to support your Children's Bible Drill. You can order T-shirts for your children by contacting Specialty Imprints or calling 1-800-443-8032.

8. Hold a special Kick-off event (optional). The kick-off could be as simple as an all-day party at the church or as elaborate as a lock-in. Use this time to help boys and girls get a jump-start on learning the Bible verses and the books of the Bible.

9. Practice. Meet weekly for at least an hour to help children learn the material and to practice drilling. The Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills Leader Guide provides instructions and activities for each meeting.

10. Midway party (optional). Plan a midway party. The party should include some time practicing the material along with other fun activities such as playing miniature golf, going to the park, playing games in the gym, or eating pizza.

11. Attend the Associational Drill

12. Attend the State Drill

13. Recognition Celebration. Celebrate and let each child know you support their efforts. Have a pizza party, print their names in your church newsletter, or give them a certificate during a worship service.

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