On-Site Consultation

LifeWay Church Architecture SketchAn invaluable, affordable way to kick start your project

While visiting your church for two days of focused work, your Visioneering Studios at LifeWay Architectural Navigator quickly engages your team to create momentum and excitement for your project. You receive an excellent objective overview for your team, preliminary ministry-focused design solutions, and guidance for moving forward. This intensive on-site process typically includes:

  • evaluating existing property and buildings
  • exploring options for renovation and/or new space
  • considering needs for additional property or relocation
  • developing a preliminary project budget and financial plan
  • a master site plan concept sketch
  • conceptual floor plan(s) for new construction and or renovation
  • interior or exterior rendering to depict the design concept

For a very reasonable flat fee, this service includes advance preparation, travel expenses, and personalized service.

Getting value-packed results: How to prepare and what to expect

Preparation - Prior to the on-site consultation, your church is asked to complete a Church Ministry Profile that we provide. This questionnaire will supply crucial information needed for our consultant to prepare for the visit. As part of this process, your church is also asked to provide a professional topographic survey of the property and scale drawings of any existing buildings. Everything should arrive in our Nashville office several weeks prior the visit. Then, your Navigator will arrive prepared to develop solutions appropriate to your ministry model and mission strategy.

DAY ONE - Your Architectural Navigator begins the visit with a tour of any existing facilities and property, accompanied by a person who is familiar with how each space is used. Following a brief meeting with the pastor, the first day concludes in a two-hour meeting with the team, committee, or task force responsible for the project to discuss your unique ministry, as well as our observations, pertinent church history, vision for the future, your community and context, the growth strategy, financial position, funding possibilities, known space needs, and general parameters for the current project and long term. When the meeting ends, the Navigator is prepared for the next day's tasks with consensus for the direction of the design.

DAY TWO - The Navigator spends the day preparing for an evening meeting with the full team, including sketches to communicate the plan, a strategy for the phases of construction, and preliminary cost projections. That evening, the Navigator presents recommendations and conceptual master site plan and phase one sketches, hears additional input from the church leadership, and attempts to build consensus on next steps for the project. Because of our ability to quickly grasp the key Issues and design creative and purposeful solutions, clients often tell us that this is the most valuable two days they have ever experienced.

The architectural Navigators at Visioneering Studios at LifeWay would count it a privilege to get to know to you, hear your heart, learn of your church's journey, answer any questions, and provide a proposal for your on-site consultation or any of the services we offer. Download more information and preparation instructions here.

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