5 Ways to Treat Addictions in the Minister's Home

by Barney Self on Monday, July 02, 2012

For addictions to be treated or healed, the individual who is struggling with them must first know and admit them. Here are ways to continue the healing process.

Seek the help of a physician

Often the addiction has produced enough stress that the individual may be dealing with depression in addition to the addiction. A physician can determine the best in a productive and restorative course of treatment to generate healing.

Seek the help of a therapist specializing in addictions

An addiction therapist can educate the individual and the family about the addictive cycle and how best to break its hold on the individual. In worst-case scenarios, there may need to be provision made for inpatient treatment in a drug treatment facility.

Seek a Christian 12-step group

Working the program and being surrounded by those who are also committed to sobriety is an essential atmosphere for the one struggling with addiction. One of the key components of the 12-step recovery program is that of assigning a sponsor to the one who is addicted. This allows a lifeline to be established whereby the individual, when tempted, will have someone to call and to aid them in the fight to move beyond the grip of the addiction.

Develop an accountability partner

It is absolutely vital to have a relationship with a trusted person in life who knows of the addictive struggle and can ask the difficult questions from time to time that are necessary for continued growth and commitment.

Accountability groups for ministers

The minister's responsibility supersedes that of the other family members. There is a need for a larger degree of accountability to be present in the process of healing so that the church can have a sense of comfort that the minister is truly being healed and that he or she is moving toward restoration.

This often may include, where appropriate, the inclusion of the Director of Missions and the State Minister Relations personnel as well as a group of deacons or church leaders that can gently monitor the progress in a grace-based role of commitment to restoration.

If the minister or minister's family member is willing to admit the need for help and reach out for it to those who are able and willing to respond then God can bring about healing in this realm of addictions.

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Barney Self, Ed.D., is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

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