Four Ways to Overcome Sexual Temptation in the Ministry

In his book, Beneath the Surface: Steering Clear of the Dangers that Could Leave You Shipwrecked, Bob Reccord dealt with several ways that people justify and rationalize sex outside of marriage.

What are the answers to these justifications and rationalizations? Here are a few ways to face the reality of sexual temptation.

1. Get honest

There must be a willingness to confess and confront the issues and facts as they really are. Wrong has to be called "wrong," and sin has to be called "sin." While it may be an old term, it's an ever-present reality.

2. Admit you need help

One thing that's become obvious through the years is that someone can't be helped unless they feel they need it. You can't dance around the issues, because the issues are critical and life-threatening. There's no time for games.

3. Make yourself accountable

Invite into your inner life a few people who love you enough and are courageous enough to ask you the hard questions. People who can tell when you're putting on a front. People who won't settle for answers like, "Everything is OK." Remember, most often people will hold you accountable only if you grant them the right to do so.

4. Take the long view

Getting on the other side of bad choices isn't a casual stroll. Instead, it's more of a marathon run, and you must be willing to pay the price and take the time to get things back in order. But, trust me, the run is worth it if you're willing to step up to the plate, once and for all, and start the journey.

Bob Reccord is co-founder of Total Life Impact Ministries and former president of the North American Mission Board.

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