Seven pillars of kingdom families

There is no greater gift you can give to your family than leaving them a legacy of faith. You may have a long history of faith in your family or you may have the privilege of being the first in line, the beginning point. Either way, you will make an impact upon your family for generations to come. What an awesome privilege!

While "Kingdom Family" is not a term found in the Bible, it is used in this article to describe a clearly-defined biblical concept. The two most commonly used descriptions of God's relationship with His people are "kingdom" and "family." We are reminded that we are both citizens of God's kingdom and adopted children.

"Kingdom Family" also refers to your personal family. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to establish and build a family that pictures for the world what happens when Christ is the center of your life and family.

"Rome wasn't built in a day!" Neither are Kingdom Families. But it was started at one moment on one day. The same is true when it comes to establishing a Kingdom Family. You must begin at some point, some moment in time, by trusting Christ as your personal Savior, choosing the right Foundation. Then you are part of God's Kingdom Family and can bring His kingdom principles into your own family.

Use the following seven pillars to build your family into a Kingdom Family.

1. Honoring God's Authority

God, as Creator of all, holds authority over His creation. By establishing the family, God has provided a unique setting in which each individual can come to understand and respect authority. I will glorify God by surrendering every area of my life to Him and by offering godly respect in all my earthly relationships, starting in my family.

This means for me: God is my authority in all areas of my life.

2. Respecting Human Life

Human life is a gift from God. Life is to be treasured, protected, encouraged, and loved from the moment of conception until the moment of death. I know that each member of my family must ultimately give an account to God. Each family member must have his own personal faith in Christ. I will honor God by expressing love to each of my family members throughout the entirety of their lives.

This means for me: I will respect and love each member of my family unconditionally (for as long as they live).

3. Exercising Moral Purity

God has established the family as His first institution on earth. It is worthy of my most noble aspirations and commitments, including my commitment to be pure and faithful to my spouse and to express Christ-like love for each family member. Because marriage is a picture of how Jesus is faithful to us and because the family is a picture of God's faithfulness to His children, I will honor the Lord by being faithful and pure.

This means for me: I will be faithful to my spouse and my family and be willing to express my love for them.

4. Serving My Church

The Church is comprised of all who have put their faith in Christ who will, one day, be taken to heaven by Jesus. By trusting Christ, His Word, the Bible, and by listening to the Spirit's guidance, the local church becomes the means by which spiritual growth is promoted and ministry is brought to my family, my community, and to the world. I will encourage my family to support our local church with faithful attendance, diligent service, generous and God-honoring giving, and loving cooperation.

This means for me: I will take my family to church and support its work through giving of my time and money.

5. Using Time Wisely

Time is a resource given to each person by God. My use of it, especially in matters related to my family, reflects my esteem for God. One day, I will give an account to Him for how I have spent the time He entrusted to me. As I order my life in concert with His will, I will make time for personal growth through prayer, for the study of God's Word, and for fulfilling every God-given responsibility related to my family.

This means for me: I will order my time to ensure personal and spiritual growth and fulfill my family responsibilities.

6. Practicing Biblical Stewardship

God has provided material resources so that I may glorify Him through the faithful use of all resources I have been given. I will diligently seek God's plan for me in the way I earn money, expend it for life's needs, use it to touch the lives of others, and give it for the support of His work through my local church.

This means for me: I will ask for God's guidance as I seek employment and then wisely use my financial resources to meet the needs of my family and church.

7. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The greatest and most noble purpose in life is to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). I will glorify the Lord by sharing my faith with my family and by joining with them and others in specific activities which cultivate a passion for fulfilling the Great Commission.

This means for me: I will lead my family to share Christ with others.

Tom Elliff is past presisent of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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