Sunday School and FAITH

A fundamental FAITH factor is "the Sunday School connection." Keep in mind these do's and don'ts to keep that connection strong:

  • DO remember that FAITH is Sunday School.
  • DO emphasize how FAITH benefits the Sunday School class.
  • DO be consistent bringing new units in line with FAITH by equipping leaders to form Teams in all Sunday School classes/units.
  • DO be alert in creating new Sunday School units that promote growth and enhance follow-up and assimilation of new believers.
  • When you DO have a leader ready for a class/department, ensure all Team members are active members of the same Sunday School unit.
  • DO be patient as you develop leaders for FAITH Teams from all classes.
  • DO coordinate the work of the FAITH Teams with the work of the Sunday School class.
  • DON'T allow FAITH to become a substitute for weekly visitation. If this happens, FAITH will become another program with a limited life span.
  • DON'T neglect the weekly leadership meeting as a key part of identifying and assigning visitation needs.
  • DON'T use class time to discuss administrative concerns. These concerns are better dealt with as a team during the weekly leadership meetings.
  • DON'T keep FAITH and the results to yourself - share with your Sunday School classes.

The story is told of Vince Lombardi's gathering together the Green Bay Packers at the beginning of a new football season. As seasoned veterans and first-year rookies alike anticipated what he would say, this coach began by saying, "Gentleman, this is a football." Lombardi knew, as we must remember, that there is no way to win unless we stick to the fundamentals of the game.

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