by David Apple

Today there seems to be a growing amount of information designed to help a believer grow in faith and to share it. FAITH Evangelism has become a wonderful way to help believers learn to share their faith with others and to train believers to trust God. Consider the ABCs (and DEFs) that can help you learn what FAITH is all about.

FAITH is designed as an "A"pplication of Experiencing God

Experiencing God revealed several significant principles that have revolutionized believers and churches. FAITH encourages a participant to search and find where God is at work and to join Him. As leaders humbly join God, they focus on the simple but direct message of the Great Commission and the challenge of trusting God.

FAITH is designed to "B"enefit the Great Commission Christian

FAITH challenges the believer to investigate the Great Commission and to seek ways to obey every aspect of Jesus' last words to His people - to obey the Great Commission as a lifestyle.

FAITH is designed to help the believer pursue and benefit from Great Commission actions of making disciples such as:

"Going" where people need to connect with the good news of Jesus Christ. Although not every person who hears the gospel will accept the free gift of grace, the person who obeys this command to go is given personal blessings and boldness from God.

"Teaching them to obey." FAITH is designed to lead a person who has learned to share the gospel and to minister through the Sunday School to teach other persons to do so and equip them to teach others.

"Baptizing them." FAITH mobilizes believers to share the gospel in a simple and memorable way through an acrostic of FAITH. FAITH gives an intentional and renewed vision for finding people who need to know what the Bible says about how a person can have assurance of going to heaven.

Learning and acting on ways God is "with you always." The believer looks for ways God is at work in redeeming and sanctifying persons through the work of the Holy Spirit. The Great Commission Christian learns to trust God in the midst of mountaintops and valleys, in times of joy as well as sorrow.

FAITH "C"onnects evangelism through the Sunday School

FAITH is designed to (re)connect evangelism through the Sunday School. FAITH focuses on what Sunday School is designed to do best: mobilize the largest ministry organization of the church for reaching and teaching unchurched persons and discipling believers for Great Commission work. This does not necessarily mean that implementing FAITH automatically leads the Sunday School to do everything right immediately. But it identifies the hard work the Sunday School must do to focus on how to be successful in reaching, assimilating, discipling, and ministering to persons.

FAITH is designed as a "D"iscipleship multiplication process

FAITH is intentionally a multiplication process. One person who becomes trained (through attending a FAITH clinic or by participating in the 16-session training process in a church) is equipped to train two new persons, preferably in his or her own Sunday School class or department. Those two persons are trained each to train two new persons in the next training semester. Second Timothy 2:1-2 is the heart of this discipleship process and becomes its banner and standard. The training resources are designed to focus on a process of learning the gospel presentation and sharing it in actual visits.

"E"vangelism is at the heart of the FAITH strategy

FAITH focuses intentionally on mobilizing three persons from a Sunday School class or department to be prepared to share the gospel with prospects. The FAITH Outline gives opportunity for a FAITH Team member to share his evangelistic testimony, providing a brief glance at the fact that a "life-changing experience" now gives assurance of heaven and eternal life. Believers share the essence of the gospel through two memorable acrostics of the word FAITH. Believers are given training and opportunity to lead persons to pray to receive salvation through faith.

Following each teaching session, FAITH Teams make visits to evangelistic prospects. They also take Opinion Polls, in which the potential of sharing the gospel is heightened. Team leaders are trained to help new believers understand baptism by immersion as a follow-up of obedience to Christ.

FAITH focuses on "F"aith in the Scripture

FAITH is designed to help individuals consider and apply what the Bible teaches about faith. "Faith" refers to trusting God to do what only God can do. The world is used throughout the Old and New Testaments as a call from God to obedience and trust. When a believer or church seeks to apply faith, God is glorified, believers are drawn to Him transformed, and unbelievers encounter the life-changing impact of the message of redemption.

FAITH provides a vehicle for Great Commission believers to see God do simple as well as bold miracles through the eyes of faith and to see divine appointments in many areas of life. If you are in the process of implementing FAITH, pray that God will use this vehicle in ways that only He can do. If you are not implementing this significant strategy, prayerfully consider ways your church can begin a journey of FAITH.

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