The Benefits of Training Your Leaders

You can expect to gain more than just informed leaders through leadership training. By sponsoring or attending a leadership training event, your leaders will gain confidence, skills, and a deeper connection to each other as they face the challenges of teaching youth.

The confidence factor

While most teachers feel confident taking a passage of Scripture and telling someone what it means, they may not feel as confident making that Scripture come alive for students. Part of the confidence needed to teach students comes from understanding the culture and world of the student. When a teacher understands the students' likes, dislikes, interests, and culture; he can make the Bible study relevant and more meaningful for the students.

Leadership training events should give your teachers a look at the students he will teach. If you are responsible for the training event, don't overlook the power of a panel of students to come in and discuss with the teachers how to best teach with the students' needs in mind.

Teachers who understand their learners are more confident in teaching and are more adept at connecting the biblical truth to the students' lives.

The skill factor

You can do more than just throw curriculum at your leadership team. You can put a ribbon around the leader guide and place it in the teacher's hands with an enclosed gift card. The gift card can state that you are going to walk with them through the curriculum to give them the skill they need in using the valuable leader guide with their personal teaching style and the needs of the learner in mind.

A piece of curriculum can hold some of the greatest pieces of Bible study helps available, but may appear to be overwhelming and therefore not used by your leadership. Give your leadership the help to know how to find the Extra curriculum helps each week.

One of the best ways to help your teachers is to take them through an actual session as you lead them in a mock-student Bible study. They can follow the curriculum and experience the Bible study at the same time. As you model and as they gain skill in using the curriculum, your teachers will continue to improve.

The connection factor

Some of my closest church friendships have been with my leadership team members. Our times together in training helped us better understand each other and have a common vision for our youth ministry. An hour or two spent together on Sunday morning is not enough for you to know the needs of your leaders. Spending intentional time training them to use the curriculum and to lead youth is a valuable use of your ministry time. Time spent traveling to training events deepens your relationships with your team and helps you bond with them to better know their hearts and needs.

Need some training ideas?

  • Schedule and lead your own training event.
  • Attend a conference center to get additional training with your leadership team.
  • Talk with your state leadership about events they have scheduled.
  • Consider ongoing quarterly or monthly training events with your team.

Joy Emery is a freelance writer who lives with her husband, Chris, and three children in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. She serves in the adult Sunday School ministry at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church in Hermitage, Tennessee.

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