Couple connections

by Dr. David Hawkins

Somewhere along the way, have you forgotten how to be romantic? Have you forgotten the importance of kindling the fires of love once the honeymoon is over?

You can observe in your own marriage the difference between those times when you're romantic and generous with your love, and those when you're too busy to bother with such things. When you're caring and romantic, your spouse responds in kind with affection. When you're stingy with your affections, when you're too preoccupied to shower your love on your spouse, you become detached.

Being generous with your love is critically important. Show that you care every day and in every way you can think of. (You don't need a special occasion.) How about trying the following ideas:

  • Greet your spouse with a smile when you wake up.
  • Say "I love you" every day.
  • Offer to take turns making dinner.
  • Take the initiative planning a date.
  • Offer praise generously on your spouse's appearance.

Adapted from Nine Critical Mistakes Most Couples Make by Dr. David Hawkins (Harvest House).

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