KNOWN summer 2011 leader videos

by LifeWay Student Ministry

The following video clips are suggested for supplemental use with the Bible Study and Midweek sessions in the KNOWN 12 materials. To preview and purchase these video clips, just follow the attached links.

How to use these videos (PDF)


Session Video Title / Description
Session 1 Bible StudyA Majestic God
Session 1 MidweekLouis Giglio: Who Made Him Boss?
Session 2 Bible StudyAmena Brown: He Is Here
Session 2 MidweekDoes God Hear Me?
Session 3 Bible StudyThe Divine Element
Session 3 MidweekTrust the Almighty
Session 4 Bible StudyAmena Brown: You
Session 4 MidweekFrom Islam to Jesus: David Nasser

I Want Patience…NOW!

Session Video Title / Description
Session 1 Bible StudyA Man Fell in a Hole
Session 1 MidweekHigh School Influence
Session 2 Bible StudyAbraham - Patience
Session 2 MidweekRebelling with Alcohol
Session 3 Bible StudyCore Strength
Session 3 MidweekEpiphany
Session 4 Bible StudyDavid Nasser: Mending Broken Relationships
Session 4 MidweekDavid Nasser: Witnesses for Christ

If Necessary, Use Words

Session Video Title / Description
Session 1 Bible StudyHeroes: Jim Eliot
Session 1 MidweekDoug Fields: A Heart to Serve
Session 2 Bible StudyDoug Fields: A Heart to Serve
Session 2 MidweekBubble Creek Canyon
Session 3 Bible StudyUsing Football to Share Faith with Classmates
Session 3 MidweekAround the World
Session 4 Bible StudySharing Your Faith Before Its Too Late
Session 4 MidweekCliff Young of Caedmon's Call: Getting His Hands Dirty

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