KNOWN fall 2011 leader videos

by LifeWay Student Ministry on Monday, August 01, 2011

The following video clips are suggested for supplemental use with the Bible Study and Midweek sessions in the KNOWN 13 materials. To preview and purchase these video clips, just follow the attached links.

How to use these videos (PDF)

Savior and King

Session Video Title / Description
Session 1 Bible StudyWho Was Jesus?
Session 1 MidweekAmena Brown: Resurrection
Session 2 Bible StudyAround the World
Session 2 MidweekStruggling to See God's Love
Session 3 Bible StudyAmena Brown: Medley
Session 3 MidweekHe Was
Session 4 Bible StudyOrder Your Faith
Session 4 MidweekWhat Kind of Life Are You Living?

Goodness Gracious

Session Video Title / Description
Session 1 Bible StudyMission Work in an Orphanage
Session 1 MidweekA Good Samaritan
Session 2 Bible StudyAmena Brown: Your Words
Session 2 MidweekDo Good Loudly
Session 3 Bible StudyAmena Brown: You
Session 3 MidweekShaun King - Facebook Pastor
Session 4 Bible StudyJesus Wouldn't Do That
Session 4 MidweekJesus Wouldn't Do That

Difference Makers

Session Video Title / Description
Session 1 Bible StudyLifespan
Session 1 MidweekA Majestic God - Psalm 8
Session 2 Bible StudyThe Body of Christ
Session 2 MidweekServolution
Session 3 Bible StudyA Time for Everything
Session 3 MidweekStruggling with Society's Labels
Session 4 Bible StudyIron Head
Session 4 MidweekBeyond Our Walls

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