Praying in FAITH: The power in a church's evangelism

by Kevin Ezell

Most Christians are quick to include prayer as a priority in any listing of ministry opportunities. So often the well-intended words do not result in the practical application. We know that prayer is vital to our church and to FAITH outreach, but how do we get people to pray evangelistically?

FAITH is an effective tool; but the real power of this ministry - as with all others - is generated through the prayers of God's people. Here are some practical ways to encourage your people to pray through and for your FAITH strategy.

Every participant in FAITH is expected to have at least two Prayer Partners.

That means every team of three has a minimum of six people praying for them. Take those six people and ask each person to select a different day of the week that they will pray specifically for their FAITH Team, their Bible study class, and their church.

One may select Monday; the next, Thursday; and so forth until every day of the week is filled. The FAITH Team itself can take the day that is left. That FAITH Team and Bible study class will be lifted up in prayer every day of every week during a FAITH semester.

Consider sending each Prayer Partner an update on prayer concerns and victories from previous visits. This group also serves as a tremendous recruiting pool for the next semester of FAITH.

At times you may have the six prayer partners and the FAITH Team get together. They can reflect on and celebrate God's faithfulness in the task of reaching people. Incorporating as many people in your congregation as possible provides a team spirit that enables your ministry to be more fruitful.

Maintaining and updating a FAITH prayer list is extremely helpful.

FAITH Prayer Partners, FAITH Learners, FAITH Team Leaders, and Bible study leaders all can be on the same page about key needs in your church. Establishing a group who will be committed to pray during the actual visitation time can be rewarding.

As men and women leave the church to share the gospel, those prayer warriors at church prayerfully prepare the way for them through prayer. Keeping the list updated helps to ensure long-term involvement.

Seek to include as many people as possible in your FAITH strategy. For many individuals in your fellowship, serving on a prayer team may be the first step toward becoming involved in the FAITH training and visitation process.

Another way to involve more people in FAITH is to prepare two visitation notebooks instead of one. Give the extra notebook, with all assignments included, to those in your prayer room or on a prayer team. They can systematically pray through names for each evangelistic and ministry visit and over street names for Teams using the Opinion Polls. Divide the notebooks among those who are available to pray during Visitation Time.

Invite prayer partners to participate in Celebration Time.

You will see rejoicing as never before. You also will begin to see an increase in the passion and intensity of your congregation's focus on evangelism.

Prayer is essential to the success of FAITH. Give your people some practical ways to pray specifically for the souls of men and women. God will ignite a fire of enthusiasm that will energize your church in ways that nothing else will.

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