Celebrate Freedom with These Fun-Filled Activities

by LifeWay Kids Ministry on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plan to celebrate freedom with your kids this July. All you need is a group of friends, neighbors, and families from your community along with a little red, white, and blue to create a fun Patriotic outreach event. Try some of these ideas to heat up your celebration.

Ice cream made easy

What would the Fourth of July be like without homemade ice cream? Fill a gallon container with 8 ounces of frozen dessert topping and one can of condensed milk. Finish filling the container with chocolate milk. Stir. Give each child two heavy-duty quart zip-lock bags. Pour 1 cup of the mixture in one bag. Place the first bag inside the second bag that is filled with ice. Shake until firm.

Everyone loves a parade!

Check your newspaper for patriotic parades or programs honoring military in your area. Purchase small American flags and place them on graves of service personnel from your community. Talk with your children about the cost of freedom.

Party favors

If you are having a Fourth of July party, use inexpensive red and blue bandanas for napkins and as a take-home memento of the occasion for guests.

Find the stars

Send the children on a yard scavenger hunt to find stars you have previously hidden. Provide a smaller area that is exclusively for the preschoolers to search for stars less challenging to find. You can give prizes to everyone for participating in the star search, no matter who finds the most stars.

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