Becoming a Christian: Discipleship Options for Children

by Staff

When a child begins to ask questions, it may only signal the early stages of acquiring more information. Both the child and Holy Spirit should be in the driver's seat, setting the pace and course for discussion. The "big event" occurs at different ages for individual children since each child is unique in his relationship with God.

Have counselors trained in working with children available during invitation times. The gospel is the same for all. However, the method of talking with a child differs some from that of adults. Guidance for training counselors is available in I'm a Christian Now - Leader Kit.

Challenge children to discover, learn, and practice Bible truths with these discipleship options for children.


Leading a Child to Christ can provide you with the tools to guide parents, leaders, and older children in how to share their faith. Each training pack includes a DVD-ROM and samples of the companion resources: Leading a Friend to Christ booklet, Leading a Child to Christ booklet, and ABCs of Becoming a Christian tract in both HCSB and KJV.

The DVD includes two video segments:

  1. Leading a Child to Christ video
  2. Leading a Friend to Christ video

The DVD-ROM portion includes:

  1. A teaching plan and PowerPoint for training adults to share the good news with children.
  2. A teaching plan for training older children to share the good news with friends and family.

Preschoolers and faith foundations

When Can I? Questions Preschoolers Ask in First Steps Toward Faith is a resource for parents and teachers that will guide them to create environments for children to be introduced to Jesus. By laying foundations, parents and teachers partner with the Holy Spirit as He prepares and calls a child to faith.

Bible Foundations is a great curriculum that provides Bible-learning experiences for 3s - kindergarten.

Bible Skills, Drills & Thrills is a curriculum that offers activities to help children develop valuable Bible skills.

Witnessing tracts

Make sharing your faith literally as easy as ABC. These tracts fold out to reveal the most important message ever shared - God's plan of salvation. Ideal for teachers to use one-on-one with boys and girls, or children can use them to share their faith with family and friends.

For children who are new Christians

Build a strong foundation in the first days and months that follow a child's decision to commit their life to Christ! Books are perfect to use at church in a new Christian class or at home with minimal supervision.

For leaders of a new-Christian class

Inside the I'm a Christian Now Leader Guide you'll find step-by-step teaching plans for four one-hour meetings. (Topics include: Becoming a Christian, Baptism, Lord's Supper, Church, and Starting a Quiet Time.) Plus you get four free teaching plans on missions, stewardship, and what we believe as Southern Baptists. There's also a CD-ROM with clip art, posters, songs, games, and much more.

Gift Bibles

A Bible is a great gift for children who have made a decision to commit their lives to Jesus. The HCSB® Illustrated Study Bible for Kids wraps carefully designed study tools and helps around the Scriptures. These tools will motivate, inspire, and equip children to better understand God's Word.

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