Looking for some help or ideas in an area of life or ministry? Use these guides to read up on the topic at hand or request more information. They may help you find an answer or even spark your creativity. Watch for more guides in the future.

Easter Gift Guide

Bibles and books that make great gifts during Easter.

Christian Education Directory

Discover information about Christian seminaries, colleges, and universities, including accelerated degree programs and online learning.

Fundraising Guide

Great fundraising ideas for your youth trip, mission event, or rally for special ministry funds. Find tips for successful fundraisers, as well as opportunities with various companies who specialize in items specifically for fundraisers.

Gift Guide

Get great ideas for all your gift buying in this helpful guide. Arranged by price category, the LifeWay Gift Guide will help you find gifts for all.


For parents, homeschooling is one of the most important decisions they will make. During this important time, a trusted guide is an invaluable resource to making the right choices of products and services for a child's home education.

Reader Service

LifeWay's ad partners offers information about showcased products and services through categories. Request additional information for any or all of the products listed at this directory.

Retirement Communities

LifeWay's Retirement Guide is dedicated to helping you plan your retirement needs. Visit the guide for helpful information on future plans for yourself, your spouse, or loved one.

Travel guide

LifeWay's Travel Guide is dedicated to providing you with the most exciting, fulfilling, and valuable travel opportunities. Find destinations you've dreamed of, cruises that will capture your imagination, and perfect resorts for you and your family - all within reach.

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