Statement on Sammy Nuckolls

Traveling speaker and evangelist Sam Allen "Sammy" Nuckolls, who has served in the past as a contract speaker at LifeWay camps, has been charged in Mississippi and Arkansas with alleged video voyeurism.

Because of those accusations, last year LifeWay cancelled all speaking commitments with Nuckolls.

Nuckolls was originally hired to serve in the role of camp pastor for student camps from 2003-2006. In 2007 his role changed to a contract speaker at general assemblies and large gatherings. LifeWay conducts both reference and criminal background checks for those speaking at student camps.

Police investigators in Mississippi have reported to LifeWay there was no evidence victims were filmed at any LifeWay events. However, Mark Kimball, assistant chief of police of the Olive Branch, Mississippi, Police Department, has requested those who may be victims to contact him at (662) 892-9400.

For further information call Martin King, Director of Communications, 615-251-2307 or 615-588-0033.

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