Three sample formats for your new member class

by Dan Garland on Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As you are considering the content of your church's new member class, here are three sample formats that might meet your needs:

Sample membership class 1 (3 sessions)

  1. New Community - Understanding the mission, vision, purpose, and basic beliefs of the church. Share about the importance of relationships, and small groups and Sunday School.
  2. New Lifestyle - Understanding the ministries of the church and responsibilities of membership – every member involved in an appropriate ministry.
  3. New Opportunities - Discover gifts, talents, and willingness to serve.

Sample membership class 2 (4 sessions)

  1. New Vision - Understanding the purpose/mission of the church.
  2. New Church - Understanding the beliefs and history of the church.
  3. New Life - Understanding your relationship with Christ.
  4. New Family - Understanding ministries and membership

Sample membership class 3

  1. Connect - Explain the mission, vision, purpose and basic beliefs of the church. Share about the importance of relationships, and small groups/Sunday School
  2. Grow - Explain the disciple process and responsibilities of membership.
  3. Serve - Explain the ministries of the church Discover gifts and talents and willingness to serve – every member involved in an appropriate ministry
  4. Go - Explain about the mission and evangelism strategies of the church and how the new members can participate.

When to offer the classes

  • Sunday Morning during Sunday School Hour - 3 or 4 Week Session
  • Multiple Sunday Evenings 2 or 3 Hours
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast - 3 or 4 Hours
  • Multiple Wed/Thursday Evenings - 2 or 3 Hours

When will work best? Schedule the classes when people can come. Avoid scheduling classes for your convenience. Whatever time you set, be intentional about having new membership classes and clearly explain membership expectations.

Dan Garland is the Director of Church Consulting at LifeWay Christian Resources.

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