Six Ways to Honor Your Dad on Father's Day

by Emily Dockery

Hopefully the following ideas – several of which I have tested on my own father – will help make this Father's Day one that ranks high above a trip to the dentist.

No. 1: Game-day Goodies

Six Ways to Honor Your Dad on Father's Day

Does your dad have a favorite sports team? You may not have the money to buy tickets so dad can see them play in person; however, you can still give him a great gift. Instead of paying for tickets, spring for some of his favorite game-day foods. Set up a table full of goodies in front of the TV and make your dad more comfortable than if he had box seats. He won't have to fight the crowds or yell to get the attention of the hot dog vendor. If you have any pennants or team decor, set them out to create a festive mood.

While you're at it, join dad for the game. Even though you may not be a sports nut, you'll be spending time with your dad and giving him a great present.

No. 2: Breakfast of Champions

Not all fathers are sports nuts, but most would be thrilled to wake up to breakfast in bed. It may be an old standby, but it's a good one. Even if you aren't Chef Boyardee or Betty Crocker you can still serve up this present. Enlist some help in cooking a simple breakfast or make a quick trip to McDonald's to pick up dad's favorite fast-food grub. Either choice provides an excellent way to wake up your dad.

If your dad is the on-the-go type, you can put a fun spin on this idea. Treat him to breakfast at a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet. They are fairly inexpensive and will satisfy both of your growling stomachs.

No. 3: Memorable Memos

Making dad feel special doesn't have to cost anything, nor does it have to involve food. Grab a pen and a pad of paper, then begin listing things you like and appreciate about your dad. Write several notes telling Dad why you admire him and why you are glad he's your dad. You can include notes of encouragement and some of your favorite Bible verses.

Write as many as you want. When you're done, hide the notes around the house: in his briefcase, in his favorite chair, on the bathroom mirror – anywhere where your dad will find them. Let him discover your notes throughout the day, or even through the entire week.

No. 4: Walk and Talk

If your pockets jingle but are missing dollar bills, you still have options. Invite your dad to go for a run or a walk outside. Not only will the exercise be good for you, but this will give you a great chance to catch up with each other. It's easy to get caught up in work and school schedules and forget to spend time with each other.

This is also a great time to learn from your dad. He may seem kind of ancient, but he was your age once. Though it may feel like he has been nothing but a dad for eons, he has learned a thing or two along the way. In exchange for some quality time, your dad may just provide you with some insight on some of those things that have you puzzled. Use this time to learn from each other.

No. 5: A Helping Hand

If neither you nor your dad like the great outdoors, try spending some quality time inside. Offer to help him with a project. Whether it's one he's been working on for ages, one he started yesterday, or one he's been putting off for weeks, he could probably use another pair of hands. Even if you aren't fond of the current task, it's a way to let your dad know you care about him.

No. 6: Art Appreciation

It's great to lend a helping hand, but you can use your hands for several other things. Are you an aspiring musician or writer? Are you the artist of your family? Could you build a model of the Brooklyn Bridge out of Popsicle sticks? Use your talents to create a gift for your dad.

Write him a song, poem, or story. Draw, paint, or sculpt him a piece of art. Whether it's about him or for him, you can show your appreciation for your dad and do something you love at the same time.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. You can try some or all of them. You can tweak them to fit your dad's personality. In any case, once you get your creative juices flowing, there are no limits to how you can honor dad on his day.

Adapted from an article which first apeared in Essential Connection, a devotional magazine for the students in your church family.

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