Fresh Ideas for Ways Dads Can Invest in Their Kids

A Christian dad impacts his family and the world! A few fresh ideas for dads:

Create father/child traditions

  • Begin traditions: birthday breakfast with dad, father/daughter date, annual father/son adventure, read Sunday funnies together. Share a hobby with your child (fish, collect rocks, golf, and woodwork.)
  • Make lifetime memories with family vacations. Tight budget? Do a back yard campout.

Pray for your child

  • Kneel by your sleeping child's bed. Pray for your child as you drive to work, or before you get up each day. Remind your child of your prayers.
  • Pray together at bedtime. Pray aloud with your child as you drive to school. Pray in crisis. Pray about specific needs/blessings (e.g., peers, new puppy.)

Invest time in your child's life

  • Child-rearing days encompass only about 1/4 of your life. There are no do-overs, so invest wisely. Secret: Hit the TV remote's off button. 
  • Offer to substitute in your child's Sunday school class.
  • Idea: Spend a minimum of 10 focused minutes with your child daily. Take a walk, shoot baskets, go for a soda, play a board game. Listen. Comfort. Make eye contact. Speak wisdom.

Be your home's spiritual leader

  • Enthusiastically initiate family commitment to God, His Word & His church. Help your child know Jesus as personal Savior.
  • Get caught studying God's Word. Show it's a priority in your life. Occasionally handwrite a Scripture on a note card to give to your child. 
  • Teach your child. When? Deut. 11:18-21 says to teach your child God's ways when you sit, walk, lay or stand. Oh, you're doing that right now...Get busy!

Encourage your child

  • Show family affection. Hug. Laugh together. Delight in your child. Say "I love you" with feeling. Speak only positive words about him to others.
  • Be the parent. Your child needs a father, not just another "buddy."
  • Offer sincere compliments often. Discover your child's spiritual gifts and help develop them.

Love your wife

  • It's one of the best things you can do for your child, and you're teaching how to treat his or her future spouse. Let your child see you show genuine affection to mom, compliment her, pray with her, brag about her and laugh together.
  • Idea: tell your child today the story of how you met and fell in love with your wife.

Serve God together

  • Set an example of joyful service to God. Find ways to include your child, i.e. homebound visit, church work day.
  • Idea: Watch for a new project at church; sign up to do it together.

Be a man of integrity

  • Memorize this verse: "I will lead a life of integrity in my own home" Psalm 101:2. Guard your reputation vigilantly.
  • "The glory of children is their fathers" Proverbs 17:6b.

Diana Davis is a popular women's conference speaker, ministering to women's groups internationally. She especially loves encouraging pastors' wives and deacons' wives.

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