Licensing permissions to use to publish music

If you, your church, or your company want to make use or republish some of LifeWay?s copyrighted material (under any of LifeWay?s imprints or divisions, such as LifeWay Press, Broadman & Holman Publishers, B&H, Genevox, Van Ness Press, Inc., McKinney Music, Inc., Broadman Press, Serendipity House, Holman Bible Publishers, etc.), this page will allow you to make the request and have it sent by e-mail directly to the appropriate person.

Please note that granting permission, or a license, is at the sole discretion of LifeWay. You must wait to receive written permission or a license from LifeWay prior to using or publishing the material. LifeWay will often grant permission, or a license, but may be unable to grant the request because of contractual restrictions or business considerations.

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