Setting up your room for the best teaching

In order to provide the best teaching for preschoolers, teachers must use the chain of organizing. Organizing impacts teaching and effective planning makes the best teaching. There is one chain, but there are several links to put in place: space, grouping, teacher/child ratio, room size, room arrangement, and teacher planning.

Get on Your Mark

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I set up my room for the best teaching?
  • Have I planned my session?
  • Am I ready to teach each child the way Jesus wants me to teach?
  • Am I ready physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually?

As you plan for your session, consider not only individual activities but also the learning environment. Pay attention to everything-the colors on the walls, the arrangement of the furniture, and the schedule of time. All these elements affect each child's behavior and learning. Be ready for the first child to arrive.

Get Set

Set up your room to invite Bible learning and give each child appropriate learning approaches by using Bible-learning centers. Plan to use a diversity of approaches to meet the individual needs of learners.

  • Use open shelves that invite preschoolers to come into the room and choose an activity.
  • Place pictures at the child's eye level.
  • Leave enough space to invite preschoolers to move freely.
  • Place a water supply close to the creative art center.
  • Set up a nature center near a window.


Greet the first child who comes to the door, kneeling to the child's eye level. Tell him who you are, and invite him into the room. Guide him in choosing an interesting activity. As other preschoolers arrive, give them choices of activities. Remember, teaching begins at the door. Use your planned schedule, allowing preschoolers plenty of time to work in the Bible-learning centers of their choice.

Carolyn Fisher teaches preschoolers at New Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California.

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