Enhance Your Bible Study with Helpful Technology Tools

by Todd Wood on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mobile technology

HCSB app for iPad

Are you using mobile technology as an aid to study the Bible? Chances are you or someone in your family uses a mobile device on a daily basis. With mobile phones, tablets, and readers of various forms including iPad, Nook, Kindle, and others exploding onto the market, it is more common to see technology used in places once considered less accessible, like at church.

One of the many advantages of new technology is accessibility. Mobile technology such as cell phones are  always with us and can provide instant access to the Scriptures wherever you go, including worship or church meetings.

Instant access

Life Essentials Study Bible QR code

Do you use QR codes? As you may know a QR code, or Quick Response code, consists of a square grid of black boxes on a white background. These images can be found in a variety of places, such as the shelves in stores or in magazines. QR codes scan quickly and provide more information than a typical numeric barcode. When scanned using an app on your web-enabled phone these images provide immediate access to more information.

One product using this technology is The Life Essentials Study Bible. This HCSB-edition Bible features QR codes that provide access to online videos illustrating key ideas more deeply. Extensive study notes guide readers on how to put 1,500 life principles into daily action. Mor than 250 hours of free, in-depth video discussions led by Dr. Gene Getz are also available.


Websites such as MyStudyBible.com allow access to the full study notes of the HCSB and other Bible translations. The site's personalization features include bookmarks, highlights, and personal notes, all available at no charge to registered users. A content store with both rental and purchase options offers even more quality study resources through your web browser. This provides you the freedom to access content from any web-connected device.

When you are on the go with your mobile device be sure to check out the increasing availability of mobile applications from the app store. See a list of some of our top apps for Apple iOS.

Depth of Study

Study tools such as maps, commentaries, dictionaries, and original language translations that not long ago required several shelves in a library are also available electronically. Most of these electronic versions provide powerful search tools that help reduce the time needed to find related information. This also allows the average person access to a deeper level of study and a specialized library he or she can use without  specialized training and expense.

Software packages such as WORDsearch and QuickVerse help you build an electronic library on your computer. Software can even help your exegesis and exposition of Scripture. BibleWorks is a tightly integrated collection of Bible software tools designed specifically for scholarly analysis of the Bible text.

Digital technology provides a breadth and depth of information available for instant retrieval that allows for insights into Bible study for laypersons and pastors or ministry leaders. Technology as a tool cannot ponder the living Word for you, but it provides instant access to the Bible as you expose your heart to its truths. Regardless of the format or technology used, the truth of God revealed in Scripture remains the same.

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