Free Church Library Book Download: Creating Promotion that Communicates

by Staff

Every day, the people of our churches are bombarded with hundreds of promotional messages as part of their daily routines. Most are ignored, but some messages will "connect." Something about the message is appealing, creates interest, or generates excitement that leads the receiver to act.

How can churches best reach their congregation to participate in their programs and ministries and use their services? What kinds of promotion can attract attention in the midst of so many other incoming messages? What messages "connect"?

Promotion that communicates is

  • Planned,
  • Timely,
  • Creative,
  • Appealing,
  • Relevant, and
  • Exciting.

And promotional messages from your church should not only capture attention, they should help people feel a part of the ministry.

To help you create effective promotion for your church, LifeWay Church Resources is offering a free download of Creating Promotion that Communicates by Charles Businaro. This practical how-to guide helps you develop a more effective approach to communications actions and helps you ensure that the right media and techniques are selected to reach targeted audiences.

It also offers helpful hints on the use and blending of colors, layout and space allocations, balance, and other graphic considerations that can not only affect the look of your presentation but also its effectiveness.

Creating Promotion that Communicates is packed with concepts and ideas for a great start in promoting ministry teams, special studies, one-time events, church emphases, and more. The book is of special interest to church librarians, for use in promoting church library ministry and usage.

Use the link to the right to download your free PDF copy of this book.

Book outline

  • Introduction
  • Deciding What to Promote
  • Developing a Promotion Strategy
  • Utilizing the Basics of Good Design
  • Designing Lettering for Promotion
  • Creating Posters
  • Creating Bulletin Boards
  • Creating Displays
  • Creating Newsletter Layouts
  • Creating Bulletin Inserts, Mediagraphies, Bookmarks
  • Conclusion
  • Personal Learning Activities
  • Preparing to Teach

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