Get the front seat if you can

by Charles E. Sands

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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park located northwest corner of Wyoming are a rite of passage for all Americans! But don't stop there.

If you visit the National Parks this summer, it's a must to drive down to Jackson Hole, home of the Snake River Canyon. Rafting in the Greater Yellowstone region is not just recommended, it's practically required!

The 8-mile whitewater stretch of the Snake River Canyon, just south of Jackson Hole, may be the finest one-day introduction to rapids - and you get to choose your raft, meals, or whether to spend the night camping on the river - while your guides, cooks and drivers take care of you every step of the way!

Sands Whitewater & Scenic River Trips will provide the fun-filled, adrenaline rush, family experience that will appeal to all family members. Charlie Sands welcomes you at his South Office in Jackson, and provides transportation for you to the river put-in.

That's the moment everyone feels something very real is about to take place.

The water, the rapids, the energy of the people around you, and the guides walking you through the safety speech; all adds to sense of adventure, of getting outside your comfort zone.

Your anxiety will turn to action as you get to the first rapid; your paddling synchronized (yes, even the most apathetic teenager cannot resist the need to paddle), you will hit the wave, intent on just making the next paddle stroke stick. Finally you'll break through, dripping wet, screaming, exuberant - and invariably the high fives will start with your family....just before you enter the next rapid.

The memories will be seared in your mind forever. Your kids will be in awe - it will become one of the magical moments that as parents, we strive to create in the minds and hearts of our kids. The family bonding; the sense of accomplishment, surviving the Snake, sharing the stories, retelling the stories - it all becomes part of your family lore.

If you don't think the adrenaline drench is for your family, the scenic float trip is a great alterative. With 97% of land dedicated to National Park and Forest Service, chances of spotting moose, elk, deer and bison along the banks of the Snake River will be likely. The bird life; bald eagles and pelicans to name a few, are spotted with every trip down the Snake River. And of course the indelible sound of silence will be your constant backdrop.

And finally, for families interested in the camping experience, but no so interested in packing camping supplies and food into the forest - Sands has the perfect trip; the 16-Mile Overnight, Scenic, dinner, breakfast and whitewater adventure staying in hand -painted tipis, with the privacy of camping in the Bridger Teton Forest. The price is very affordable for families, and available to a limited number of people each summer. Sands does not like to don't delay calling for this trip.

For more information on whitewater, scenic river trips, overnight trips, or combination adventures, please contact Sands Whitewater & Scenic River Trips at 800-358-8184 or 307-733-4410. Mention "LifeWay" and receive a special discount of 10%. Not available with any other discounts.

Charles Sands is the owner operator of Sands Whitewater & Scenic River Trips. A highly regarded community member, Charlie has been involved with activity sports as a ski patroller and river rafting since moving to Jackson Hole in 1960.


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