The Bible Comes Alive with On-line Biblical Hebrew Course

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Peer through the window of the original Hebrew text to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Although Hebrew is an ancient language, anyone with a computer and high-speed internet access can learn to read the Bible in its original language. This on-line language program, accredited by the prestigious Hebrew University in Israel, is available on e-Teacher Group's website, eTeacherBiblical. It is designed for people who want to have a better understanding of the Bible and biblical text of the Old Testament.

The eTeacherBiblical program includes weekly, live, online "meetings" in small groups of 7-8 students, and homework assignments that are sent by the teacher after each lesson. The curriculum consists of five levels with each composed of students only in that level. The five divisions range from beginners, with no prior experience with Hebrew, to highly advanced students. The course focuses on reading the Hebrew Bible in its original language.

In the process, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the language, including grammar, syntax and vocabulary. At the more advanced levels, the course deals with different textual and diachronic perspectives, and delves into a wider range of biblical texts, including poetry, prophecy and wisdom literature.

Hebrew University

Since January 2010, the biblical Hebrew online program is part of the Hebrew University's accredited courses and is fully recognized by the faculty of humanities. In accordance with the University's academic requirements, the program awards students 4 credit points.

To date, eTeacher is the only e-learning company providing the Hebrew University with live on-line courses for its students. This is especially noteworthy due to the fact that the 91 year old Hebrew University and its faculty of humanities are listed among the top 100 universities in the world.

Hebrew language

Hebrew is an ancient and fascinating language with a rich history and meaning that goes beyond translation into any other language. Biblical Hebrew courses enable students to read the Bible first hand in the language it was written. This eTeacher course has a number of unique advantages for those involved in Bible study, it gives students:

  • Comprehension of the Hebrew Bible and the meaning of the original text without translation
  • Understanding about how God is revealed in the biblical text
  • Education on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and exploring the original Hebrew mindset in which Christianity began
  • Appreciation for biblical wordplays, double-meanings, meaning of names and more
  • Immersion in actual Biblical texts selected both for their value as exemplars of the language and their intrinsic interest
  • Explanation on the cultural and historical settings of Biblical texts
  • Learning grammatical topics within the framework of famous biblical stories
  • Growth of a unique vocabulary in prayer (some call Hebrew "God's own language"
  • Comfortable feeling while reading Hebrew texts and being able to tackle new biblical passages

eTeacher Group

Headquartered in Israel, eTeacher Group is a leading international online language academy specializing in structured language programs that are delivered live over the internet through advanced video conference technology with certified native teachers.

Today, eTeacher Group offers structured language programs in modern Hebrew, biblical Hebrew, English and Chinese. The company is currently expanding its language school offerings and plans to provide additional languages during 2011.

eTeacher's partners, Pamoja Capital is a Switzerland-based private investment firm that believes in creating value through long-term, socially responsible global investments, in various fields including education.

Some facts about the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

- The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's oldest university

- The first Board of Governors included: Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber, and Chaim Weizmann

- It is home to the world's largest Jewish studies library

- Scholars who served as faculty members include: Gershom Scholem, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, Don Patinkin, Daniel Kahneman and Robert Aumann

- Four of Israel's prime ministers are alumni of the Hebrew University

- In the last seven years, six graduates of the University received the Nobel Prize

- The Hebrew University is consistently ranked in Academic Ranking of World Universities as the top university in Israel and in the top 100 in the world

This is your chance to enjoy the benefits of a deeper understanding of the Biblical text and learn the Hebrew of the Bible from the comfort of your own home, through a live, online, interactive course with an academic Biblical Hebrew teacher.

Visit eTeacherBiblical to sign up and reserve your seat.


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