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"Currently, there are over 150,000 children in North America who are available for adoption. Furthermore, it is estimated that there is an additional 50 million children outside of North America living without the love and hope of a forever family. The numbers can be paralyzing but the reality of God's invitation to "care for orphans.." asks us, the church body, to take action." (Excerpted from

Shaohannah's Hope has launched - a tool for families interested in adopting a child from the United States or anywhere around the world. Please visit and Steven Curtis Chapman's organization Shaohannah's Hope have joined efforts to help churches and families explore the miracle of adoption. Use this guide to discover Christian adoption resources and the opportunity to be a part of God's call to care for "the least of these."

Holt International

Holt International

Finding families for children - that's the mission of Holt International. For 50 years, Holt has pursued God's calling to reach out to the world's orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children, and unite them with permanent, loving families. Holt is seeking Christian adoptive families for the orphaned children of China. Learn more ...

Christian adoption resource areas:

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  • Crisis Pregnancy
  • Adoption Loans
  • Legal Services
  • Open Adoption
  • Private Adoption
  • Sibling Adoption
  • Special Needs Adoption
  • Foster Adoption

Stories & insights:

Shaohannah's Hope
Statistically, of the 81.5+ million people who consider building their family through adoption, 48 percent of those people have turned to their 'house of worship' for information and support. Shaohannah's Hope can help you build your adoption ministry.

Introduction to adoption:

Adoption 101
Adoption creates forever families and means a forever commitment from everyone involved. If you're seriously exploring adoption, pray and earnestly seek God's guidance.
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Open Adoption: An Interview with Karyn Johnson of The House of Ruth
The House of Ruth is a non-profit ministry associated with Calvary Chapel in Downey, CA. Our outreach is to women who, for whatever reasons, are faced with problem pregnancies. It is our belief that every unborn baby has the right to life, and we encourage girls to continue with their pregnancies rather than opt for abortion.
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Peek inside an adoption journal: Excerpts from Ann's pre-adoption journal
Peek inside one family's journey toward adoption and learn that, sometimes, the question is as surprising as the answer.
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All you need to know about adoption

US State Department information on adoption
This year, thousands of children came to the United States from foreign countries, either adopted abroad by U.S. citizens or as potential adoptees.

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